Energy Efficient Tent

The Energy Efficient Tent project consisted of an integrated lighting system for tents that could be powered by a renewable energy source. Using solar mats that have been developed for practical use in military situations the energy captured was enough to power the entire lighting system for the tent, producing a self containing unit for constant light only taking fossil fuels when the sunlight has not been sufficient.

Currently lighting for tents is usually achieved using fluorescent tubes and are usually 58W to power each one. The LED light created for this project requires 30W for each light and produces more light than the fluorescent tubes making them a much more effective and efficient lighting system. The other unique feature of the LED lights that have been created is a dimming feature that will dim the light to a much lower level that is still practical for use and takes less energy to power ensuring the energy collected by the solar mats is not wasted.

The ability to dim the lights in varying degrees helps to prevent headaches to those around the lights and also allows use of the LEDs during night time at a safe level for the surrounding area so that objects can be seen and avoided as well as being dim enough not to disturb sleep.
IDUS has also developed a lighting box that controls individual lights, the control box contains the dimming ability so that one half of the tent may be used for working in which requires full lighting while the other half of the tent may have only safety level lighting to avoid bright lighting during rest and recuperation.

During this project the company has looked into a number of different shapes and styles that provide the most effective way of lighting the tent efficiently using a much lower wattage. The LED light is a simliar shape to the fluorescent tube and the same size while providing increased light for less power, for lighting smaller areas and tents a floodlight design has been made. The lighting system a practical solution to the problem of lighting a tent during periods of little or no light without having to rely on fossil fuels.

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