IDUS Consultancy Ltd was founded in April 2006 with the objective of providing research and development on a range of products and projects that aim to improve military defence. IDUS recognises the importance of technology in strengthening military and cilvilian resilience and seeks to achieve this through the development of new hardware and software systems.

IDUS aims to produce products that are reliable and versatile to help soldiers perform their missions efficiently as well as limiting potential threats. It is of the highest importance to IDUS that soldier safety remains a top priority in the development of new projects and products and in every aspect intends to reduce risks to soldiers as well as eliminate exposure to dangerous situations.

The IDUS team encompasses a wide range of skill sets including systems engineers, operational researchers and network integrators. Many of the IDUS team have gained years of experience in their field of work having been involved in many other technology-based projects and are able to provide useful practical advice, support and solutions to clients during project and product development. The company's consultants and associates bring a wide range of expertise gathered from a mixture of major civilian and defence focussed programmes.

IDUS consultants and associates are constantly changing and adapting to new emerging technologies bringing specific capabilities and expertise to such fields as:  








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